Wang Fu's favorite concubine


The lantern was pasted with pictures of fish in the stream. Because of the bright colors and the windless movement, it turned like a group of carp grabbing food in the water, which was very eye-catching. But if you spend money to buy such a lantern, you need ten taels of silver, and here you can buy a bamboo ring for a few pennies. What if it's in the set? People inevitably have the mentality of luck and greed for small advantages, so the business of this stall will be so prosperous. Unfortunately, the bamboo ring is too small, and the position and shape of the lantern are too tricky, so no one has ever caught the lantern. Yao Niang spent more than 20 circles on it before she recognized the fact and gave up to cover other things. Unexpectedly, she was caught by the King of Jin. Your Highness, you are really something. After praising the King of Jin, Yao Niang turned her head and directed Fu Cheng and Yu Chan to pack up all the things in the set and take them away. It's so much that they can't take it. After the reminder of the King of Jin, Yao Niang realized this cruel fact. The King of Jin motioned to Fucheng to carry the lantern, while he bent over to pick up the flower-like kitten ornament. He rubbed it between his fingers and handed it to Yao Niang. "I can give you whatever you want." The implication is that what others give is not allowed. Yao Niang looked at the streamer in his eyes, can not help blushing, did not expect that the king of Jin can also vinegar. He watched helplessly as his fortune tree was taken away, and even though all the other nobles were left behind, the peddler felt that the sky had collapsed. But he did not dare to shout, did not dare to stop, he did not ignore the lady just called that your Highness. Your Highness, how many people in this world can be called Your Highness? Perennial mixed in the root of the imperial city, peddlers naturally know that it is not to be provoked. Suddenly an ingot of silver fell in front of him. The peddler looked up and saw a man who looked like an attendant passing in front of him. He grabbed the silver with great joy. A noble person is a noble person,eye cream packing tube, and he is generous. He went to buy another lamp and came back, and the business could still be done. The King of Jin did not lead Yao Niang to continue to stroll, but came to a three-storey restaurant. The restaurant was full of guests, and there were no empty seats. Especially on the second and third floors, the threshold windows are wide open, which is really a rare thing. Along the way, Yao Niang saw that all the restaurants on the street were overcrowded, and the windows upstairs were wide open. If it were summer, it would be fine,plastic packaging tube, but it's still winter. But soon she knew why. Will there be seats for so many people? "Of course there is." Sure enough, after going in, Fucheng found someone to negotiate, and someone led them upstairs. As soon as she stepped up the stairs, Yao Niang saw a group of people coming to the door. It was the Xiao family and Princess Qing. Jirou, here. Yao Niang was so excited that she couldn't help saying hello. Seeing someone looking at her around, she realized what she had done and hid behind the King of Jin. Cat courage! The king of Jin secretly motioned to Fu Cheng to come forward. Soon the Xiao family and Princess Qing came over, and the King of Jin did not say much, but said that if there was no seat, they could be together. Not to mention, there is really no seat, Uncle Xiao did not want to trouble the King of Jin, but they are temporarily planning to come out, this time not to mention here, I am afraid there is no place everywhere. Seeing that the women and children in the family were all looking forward to it, custom cosmetic packaging ,empty lotion tubes, he said something disturbing. Jin Wang nodded, did not say much, the leader in the front. The private room is not on the second floor, but on the third floor, which is the highest and best location. Others do not know, but Uncle Xiao knows that the third floor of this'cyclamen 'is not open to dignitaries, and sometimes even dignitaries may not be able to come up. The means and power of the King of Jin can be seen when the whole city celebrates the Lantern Festival and sets such a position. Perhaps this Cyclamen was the king of Jin, and such an idea flashed through Uncle Xiao's mind. As far as he knew, the man behind the Cyclamen was so mysterious and powerful that no one dared to provoke him. Soon tea, fruit, and dessert plates were served, and everyone sat down in their chairs. The private room was so large that it occupied half of the third floor. The women and children sat on one side, and the men on the other, but it was not noisy. After getting to know each other, Yao Niang greeted her eldest grandmother and second grandmother, and ate fruits and snacks with Princess Qing and her two children. There are many people today, so Xiao's big house and second house only brought the older children out, and the younger ones stayed at home, just like Xiao Bao. The man there seemed to be saying something, Yao Niang looked from a distance, and guessed in her heart that she was not afraid to say something about Princess Qing. Up to now, Yao Niang is not clear about the plans of the King of Jin for the couple of King Qing. At that moment, the night sky outside suddenly brightened up, followed by a few sounds of whoosh, whoosh, whoosh. The two children of the Xiao family immediately jumped up and changed their quiet appearance and shouted, "Father, mother, fireworks!" With these words, he went to the window. Everyone got up and went to the window. Heaven and earth seem to suddenly appear in the fundus, dark blue night sky, high moon, stars. What is more brilliant than that is the silver flowers blooming in the night sky not far away. People's voices were loud, and to the extent visible to the naked eye, Yao Niang saw countless people rushing to that place in the street below. "Whew-bang, bang, bang", the explosion of fireworks is endless. At the same time, the night sky began to stage scenes of beautiful paintings. All kinds of colors, all kinds of shapes, some of those fireworks like fireballs, some like silver snakes, and some like chrysanthemums in full bloom, very beautiful. As soon as the first batch of fireworks had dissipated, a large number of fireworks poured down from the sky, forming a silver and golden waterfall, which was spectacular. Among them are fireworks of various shapes and colors, which are so beautiful that people are suffocating. How beautiful! Yao Niang said. A large hand grasped hers, and for a moment she could not help leaning against his chest. I wish this scene would never pass, and this moment is everlasting. While everyone was intoxicated with the beauty of fireworks,plastic cosmetic tubes, a man was looking up at the corner of the street. King Qing followed the Xiao family all the way, trying to come forward countless times, but then stepped back.


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